Areas of expertise

Academic fatigue/stress

Our current systems of academia do not centre the wellbeing of students and put an incredible amount of pressure on them without offering adequate circles of support. This, along with overwhelming work demands can cause depression, anxiety, stress and burnout. The support I offer takes into account these systemic issues and how they contribute to the rise in burnout and fatigue for students, while helping you find sustainable support that makes sense for you.

Capitalism fatigue

Capitalism, especially the late stage one we are in, relies on authoritarian control and exploitation of employees to ensure the comfort of the most wealthy and powerful. This results in work environments having incredibly long hours, insufficient compensation, poor boundaries and unreliable job security. The prolonged exposure to such environments takes a huge toll on our nervous systems, relational skills and stress levels. I can offer support to understand the many ways in which this capitalist system is responsible for the serious lack of care and rest in our lives.

Family and parent wounds

Our parents and families are our first ever experiences of human relationships. They give us our relational blueprints that inform how we relate to ourselves and others. Such intimate relationships have the potential to shape us so deeply – and the potential to wound us just as deeply. Many of us carry wounds from our childhoods and adolescence that affect the way we show up in relationships as the adults we are today. It is our responsibility to do the work of re-parenting ourselves and nurture our inner child, so we can grow into the adults we were meant to be. I can offer support and guidance as you navigate healing your parent wounds.

Racial trauma and stress

Living and moving through a world that is built to oppress, extract and dismiss your pain is beyond exhausting. Marginalised people move through this white-supremacist world with higher stress, hypervigilance, shame and anxiety. All of this while being under-resourced, inadequately supported and constantly judged. I can support you while we acknowledge, honour and address these wounds caused by racism.

Art Therapy trainees

I offer personal therapy sessions to trainee Art Therapists in the UK. I am HCPC registered and work within the personal therapy requirements that art therapy trainees are required to meet.
Credit to Dr. Jennifer Mullan (Decolonising Therapy) for creating mental health support areas by linking them to their root causes. (For example, saying Capitalism Fatigue/Family wounds instead of ‘depression’ ‘anxiety’ etc. Depression and Anxiety are usually symptoms of a root cause. The work I do is to support you in addressing these root causes instead of only managing the symptoms.)

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