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Aishu, a brown skinned woman is smiling at the camera. She has shoulder length black hair and is wearing black glasses and a silver nose ring. She is also wearing red lipstick and a blue shirt.

I’m Aishu Madduri-Yorston (she/her), a UK registered Art Therapist and community co-creator. My practice is actively anti-supremacist and decolonial.

My passion for Art Therapy stems from my own experiences with art making and personal well-being. For me, creating and expressing through art making is a form of deep self care. I find great satisfaction in being an empathetic partner for young adults, offering supportive perspectives and guidance in their healing. I am trauma informed and committed to creating kind, safe/brave, non judgemental and anti-oppressive environments which encourage openness and foster trust with clients.

Supremacism is the belief that a certain group of people is superior to all others. All our current systems of governance, education and care are based on this model (yes, ALL of them).

What we know so far about Art Therapy is that it originated in the 1940s and 1950s in the West and Global North – mainly America and England. Both these countries have a long history of colonialism and perpetuating supremacism – this would have definitely informed the way Art Therapy was formed.

Anti-Supremacist Art Therapy critically examines the theory and practice and ensures it is culturally relevant for the client, therapist and their relationship. It also involves dismantling and reconstructing practices to make certain that they are devoid of any kind of supremacism, colonialism or oppression.

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